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Alkhaleeg Almalakea group aims to develop and support Sudanese industrial sector by providing advanced industrial activities and manufacturing products comparable to international standards to give our clients a competitive advantage through superior products according to latest innovations and technologies in the world.

RGG Water Factory
One of Alkaleeg Almalakea Group Factories

The factory was established by ALKALEEG ALMALAKEA GROUP - Sudan in 2016 The group aims by this investment to establish strategic projects serve the Sudanese market and boost the industrial progress movement and development through sophisticated projects, Because RGG factory is considered the first and only factory in republic of Sudan that produces industrial pumps with high quality.

The factory has established by local efforts in addition to provide it by the necessary equipment According to the latest international standards. As well as, the standards of occupational safety and security have been observed for any emergency incident.

In addition, we care about owning and hiring excellence employees who have high skills which contribute permanently developing our firm and producing products with high quality and reducing the rate of errors and risks, the factory depends on a group of Professional engineers in many fields including energy , power mechanical, electrical and other Specialties as well as a number of technical workers to follow-up the machines and its performance and do all maintenance operations periodically.

The factory benefits for the Sudanese market:

Alkhaleeg Almalakea Group opened this factory as a result of the growing demand for these products and the signicant growth of the agriculture sector in Sudan and for supporting agricultural investments which started by Arab and foreign Investors and also for rich fertile soil which considered an important base for investment in agriculture projects and for Sudan's location on the Nile river and its branches where water pumps helping in irrigating nearly /55%/of agricultural lands, in addition, copious groundwater resources that have significant role in irrigating agricultural lands which located away from the Nile river .The main reason for entering this industry to the Sudanese market was the highly cost from importing these products from foreign countries , so our company planned to provide these products in low cost with high quality and compatible with the latest global standards.

Products which produced by the factory:

First: Submersible Turbine Pumps:

This kind of pumps is considered highly eficient due to the direct correlation of all its parts and for its direct cooling that resulting from full immersion for the pump. Submersible pumps are used in deep wells with engines may reach its capacity to 250 horsepower.

In this kind of pumps the engine and the pump are one block and closed, the pump will be placed in the water while the mechanical motor will rotate the Pump axis which rotates pull and push circle for pulling water and push it out of the pump, the main feature of this type of pumps is the Possibility to use it in deeply wells when the axes be long and impractical, and the Possibility to use it appropriately in oblique wells when the appropriate conditions are not available for operating the normal type of pumps and it is suitable when it's necessary to place it in the water or when it's really hard to establish a private room for the pump above ground.

Advantages of plunger pump:
1- Less cost in wells which have small Diameters and large depths.
2- Its Suitable for places that require operating quietly as parks and places that is not available to run this machine in it.
3- Its Suitable for wells which can be exposed to the risk of surface water flow.
4- Its Suitable for deep wells to avoid normal turbine pumps problems when there is no straightness in digging the well.

Second: Horizontal centrifugal pump and its mechanism:

It’s a Dynamic circulation pump used as a Pushing machine, and its Function is increasing uid pressure by pushing the liquid. the centrifugal pump works by converting the kinetic energy which resulting from the rotation of the electric motor or turbines to increase the liquid pressure which can describe it as Bernoulli's principle,

where the liquid is gaining kinetic energy through the pump impeller rotation and then pulling the liquid from the center and push it out, in this case the kinetic energy for the liquid which can called the liquid speed will be converted to stable pressure when it's leaving the spiral part of the pump, The external casing of the pump is responsible for converting the kinetic energy of the liquid to stable pressure and the Diffuser fan works on slowing down the movement of liquid to convert the kinetic energy of the fluid to special energy that helps flow fluid out of the pump.

The main advantages of centrifugal pump:
1- Its simple pump and it's easy to produce it and its materials widely available.
2- there are no valves in it.
3- It works on high speed (up to 100 Hz), so it can connect it directly to an electric engine.
4-The pump always gives a steady production.
5- The maintenance costs for this pump is less than any other type of pumps.
6- If the pump is clogged as a result of Impurities or other things it will not be afiected if you do not run it in this case for long time.
7- This pump is smaller than similar capacity pumps. And it consists of a closed unit which contains an internal motor (diver).
8- It can easily deal with liquids which contain high percentage of suspended solids.
Third: The Surface pump for irrigating from rivers.

As known Sudan is considered the land of the Nile which branching into multiple branches that irrigates most of the agricultural lands, we proudly produced the first surface pump as a Sudanese product by 99% and we provided spare parts for the pumps to facilitate the maintenance operations. In addition, we produced pumps in several forms and sizes to meet all local market requirements because all pumps which were in Sudan were imported from many foreign countries.

Fourth: The vertical submersible pump.

The Republic of Sudan is considered as one of the richest countries in groundwater fortune in the world. However, the Sudanese market was really needed to extract this water with high quality pumps all these things encouraged us to invest in producing these pumps locally in all shapes and sizes to meet all Sudanese market requirements.

Manufacturing industrial products:

We produce all kind of agricultural and industrial equipment on demand.

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